Just got a new kind of beast in my Insteon zoo - ApplianceLinc 2456S3. I had big plans for it - to place it in the shed so it would control my exterior light which is currently plugged into a simple mechanical timer inside.

Unlike SwitchLinc switches and dimmers this device was more stubborn. It was perfectly responding to the status command but once I tried to send it ON or OFF message with Misterhouse I got this:

18/04/2013 20:49:50  [Insteon::ALDB_i1] $shed_ext_door_light accessing memory at location: 0x0FF8
18/04/2013 20:49:50  [Insteon::BaseObject] WARN!! encountered a nack message (sender_id_not_in_responder_aldb) for $shed_ext_door_light.  It may be unplugged, have a burned out bulb, or this may be a new I2CS type device that must first be manually linked to the PLM using the set button.
Can't locate object method "active_message" via package "Insteon::ApplianceLinc" at /opt/mrhouse/misterhouse/bin/../lib/Insteon/BaseInsteon.pm line 544.
mh rc=29
mh had an unexpected exit ... sleep a bit, then restarting

I tried to use the same method I used with SwitchLinc wall switches and dimmers to link the PLM as responder - that did not work. So finally I have found a solution: I have linked it manually to the PLM. Pressed the SET button on the PLM for 3 seconds, heard the beep, pressed SET button on the ApplianceLinc for 3 seconds, heard a long beep from the PLM shortly after. Once done this, everything started working smoothly.

Now there is a responder record in my PLM for that ApplianceLink.

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18 April 2013