Time files…Domain renewal date approaches. The number of emails from my DNS provider has increased significantly. I am not completely against the marketing, but I consider one email a day is too much. Then I tried to check the price for renewal…well, I am quite frugal when it comes to Internet services pricing and the price did appear a bit too high.

I have started looking around and found a number of better deals. The only thing that stopped me was the feature offered by GoDaddy allowing to redirect a request to “mydomain.com” to “www.mydomain.com”. If you host an S3 static site you need this.

But it turned out that Amazon has created a solution allowing to use any DNS registrar with your S3 statically hosted site. The solution involves using of Amazon Route 53 zone hosting service.

While it does appear to be a bit more complicated than what I had with GoDaddy and definitely not cheaper, I think it might be a good move because you rely on reliable Amazon servers. So you can choose the cheapest registrar you can find and keep hosting your zone with Amazon.

By the time I have verified all this GoDaddy started sending me 2-3 emails a day offering various rebates and special things that I do not need. This started being very annoying. They felt I went half-way through the renewal process but did not complete it (A+ for their Web Analytics, F- for patience).

So the amount of spam definitely contributed to my final decision to go Route 53 along with new registrar which, I hope, will be more moderate when it comes to marketing.

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08 June 2013