This is my first Flex/Flash/Action Script application. I always believed that the best way to learn new tool or language is to practice and try to create something useful, even if it is useful only for me. I frequently have to manipulate dates, convert them to other timezones, manipulate timestampls etc. So - here is the result: the time calculator (new window will open).

Here is what you can do with it:

  • By default it is initialized with the current date/time
  • You can always reset it to the current date/time by pressing "C" button
  • You can add/substract time units with the corresponding buttons
  • You can align the date/time to the beginning of the next (up) or current (down) period - like month, week etc
  • You can switch between the regular time mode, UNIX timestamp and the timestamp expressed in milliseconds (used in Java, for example)
  • You can edit the time manually, press enter to commit your changes
  • You can pick a date/time by using the "Pick" button
  • Finally, you can convert the current date/time to any supported timezone or to any existing timezone offset

I hope someone but me will find it useful too :)

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29 September 2008