While I am not working for Nokia anymore I still believe there is something good about Nokia phones. One of these good things that I can name is SIP support on S60 and S^3 devices. It may be tricky to configure, Nokia does not seem to believe in being user-friendly. But once configured, it works flawlessly with most of the providers.

The only problem is that even if you select “Registration: when needed” the device registers with SIP provider upon your first internet voice call and then keeps connected to it. Even if you disable WiFi - it will re-enable it in a few seconds and reconnect. Nothing seems to stop it :) As result, the battery life of N8 phone will be typically around 4-5 hours even if you do not do anything else with your phone, making it pretty much useless brick.

However, there is an easy way to control this SIP account state. Make sure you define the destination for it first (in the profile settings). Then go to Contacts application and switch to the tab displaying the internet call icon. You will see your account there. You can click it and this will start the sign-in process. And once connected, you can click “Options” and “Sign out” there. You will see that the SIP connectivity icon will disappear instantly and most likely your WiFi connection will also close.

Of course while you are not registered with SIP server you cannot receive incoming calls. But it is typically not a problem as most of the people use it for outgoing calls only.

Happy battery saving!

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26 December 2011