I have just got a second BoxeeBox. I was looking at different other media players and while I do see some cheaper ones, I still believe none of them beats BoxeeBox in terms of ability to play virtually anything from anywhere. And also the quality of the picture and sound is remarkable. Almost does not look like a typical product from D-Link (did I tell the story about how my D-Link DNS-321 has formatted the hard drive in wrong slot instantly deleting a few hundreds of Gb of my data?) ;)

Anyway, once I have started that box I have found a strange problem. Almost every 3rd keypress event was automatically repeated like 4-5 times. It was impossible to type the WiFi password ;) First I have connected the USB keyboard to finish the setup and then I have started looking for the reason. My first idea was to replace the battery as I do not know how many months this unit has spent on the shelf at FutureShop. But that has not changed anything. Puzzled, I walked downstairs to get the remote from the first BoxeeBox and noticed that it was on. Which was not something I expected. So, it turned out that the remote from my new BoxeeBox was also waking up and controlling the one located nearby!

Turning off and removing the power plug from the first box has proven that the theory was correct. After that a quick search on the Internet has shown that, in fact, there is a way to pair the remote to BoxeeBox (I wonder why it is not paired at the factory). All you need for that is to make sure no other devices are on, put the remote next to the box and press and hold the OK button (the "select" button on the simple side of the remote, the one in the middle of the navigation keypad) for at least 5 seconds.

I have paired both remotes to each corresponding BoxeeBox and was happy to see that they now do not control anything but the device they are paired to!

Just imagine how customers may hate this produce if two people leaving in adjacent apartments buy it :)

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09 May 2012